How to Prepare Your Home for Catastrophe

Its safe to say that our current crisis has upended virtually every aspect of our daily lives. One interesting consequence that were likely to see in real estate is luxury homebuyers becoming more risk-averse. This has certainly been happening for a few years now, as weve seen an increase in property damage caused by natural disasters around the country, but this present moment in time is going to solidify the importance of being prepared for a catastrophe. If youre looking for a home that can protect you through uncertain times, here are a few characteristics to keep in mind.

Disaster Proof
The proper way to disaster proof your home will depend on what sort of calamity its most at risk of facing. In a hurricane-prone location, that could mean investing in impact-resistant windows and doors, as well as taking precautions to prevent flood damage. Likewise, using an inflammable material for the roof, like slate or tile, can make all the difference if a wildfire comes dangerously close to your home. And, of course, if living near a fault line, your home should be bolted to the foundation and any materials that could collapse, like brick or stone, need to be reinforced.

Alternative Energy
A backup generator can keep your home running if the power goes out for a couple of hours or, at most, a few days. In the event of a prolonged power outage, however, an alternative energy source can ensure the lights stay on and the refrigerator continues running for far longer. While the technology continues to improve for various sources, solar power is the most viable for running a home entirely off the grid.

Safe Room
Whether its a natural or manmade disaster, a safe room can provide your family with a last line of defense in a wide variety of scenarios. Often designed to withstand everything from a home invasion to nuclear blasts, these no-expense-spared shelters have been on the rise among luxury homeowners and theyll likely continue to become more common in the coming years.

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