Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Feel With These Plants

The bathroom is a place that should promote a sense of harmony. From your morning ritual to bedtime routine, it plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. For many people, decorating with plants is a surefire way to create a relaxing space, yet the moisture and humidity in a bathroom make it a unique environment. Because of this, you can get away with growing tropical varieties that likely wouldnt survive elsewhere in the home. Following are a few such plants that thrive under these conditions.

Native to the tropics, a steamy bathroom can be the perfect spot to grow this breathtaking plant as long as it gets enough natural light. Generally speaking, humidity and an abundance of indirect sunlight are key in order for orchids to bloom, however, there are literally thousands of different species that require varying conditions. Phalaenopsis orchids are especially well-suited to the bathroom and are considered one of the easier varieties to grow.

Spider Plant
While the spider plant can likely do well anywhere in the home, itll be particularly happy in a setting with warm and moist air. After all, theyre native to tropical regions of Africa. Spider plants are renowned for being low-maintenance, but the biggest draw is likely their well-documented air-purifying abilities. In NASAs famous Clean Air Study, they were one of the most effective at removing toxins and airborne pollutants from their environment.

For a vibrant display of flowers, youll be hard-pressed to find a more stunning specimen than bromeliads. From bright pinks and yellows to deep purple, theyre prized for their unique foliage. Bromeliads tend to do best with humidity levels ranging from 40-60%, making them an ideal addition to the bathroom. The exact amount of sunlight will vary depending on which type you choose.

With its dark and glossy leaves, a philodendron will instantly give your bathroom the feel of a tropical rainforest. There are numerous species that lend an exotic aesthetic, but the split-leaf philodendron, in particular, can thrive in your bathroom while adding a striking visual display to greet you each morning.

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