5 Unique Design Styles Millennials Love

Here are five interior design styles millennials love. Warm Minimalism Warm up millennial minimalism with earth tones, natural textures and handmade objects. Maximalism On the other end of the spectrum is maximalism. Love collecting items from different places, time periods and design movements? Maximalism is for you! Grandmillennial Some millennials prefer to decorate with an… Continue reading →

A Guide to Mastering Mid-Century Modern Design

Heres everything you need to know about Mid-Century Modern design. Combining modern materials with traditional craftsmanship, mid-century modern architecture was uniquely designed to cater to the lifestyle of suburban families in America. Exhibiting flat or low-pitched roofs and sweeping, horizontal lines, mid-century modern houses benefit from an abundance of natural light. In addition to lots… Continue reading →

4 Ways to Improve the Views From Your Home

Here are four tips to ensure that your homes surroundings are on full display. Oversized Windows It goes without saying, but more windows means more views. They frame an unforgettable backdrop and bring the scenery into your house. Thoughtful Landscaping Your landscaping should enhance the scenery, not take away from it, while also maintaining privacy.… Continue reading →

5 Tips to Upgrade Your Garage

Heres how to revamp your garage to take your home to the next level. Start With the Floors Porcelain tile is the perfect surface as it combines an elegant appearance with durability. Look to the Lights If you want to really show off your cars, quality lighting is essential. Lift it up A car lift… Continue reading →

Why You Should Invest in Landscape Design

From breathtaking gardens to verdant outdoor living areas, here are a few reasons to invest in your landscape design. Curb Appeal Working with a professional landscape designer is a guaranteed way to increase your homes curb appeal. Better Views Whether youre using lush plantings to create privacy or designing formal gardens, you can easily improve… Continue reading →

5 Features for a Luxurious Master Suite

These five features ensure your master suite leaves nothing to be desired. Dressing Room Equipped with vanities, islands and full-length mirrors, these rooms are more luxurious than walk-in closets. Sitting Area A sitting area can make a large bedroom feel more intimate while providing a space to enjoy downtime. Spa-like Bathroom Multiple sinks alongside a… Continue reading →

How to Design a Contemporary Kitchen

Here are a few key characteristics that are often found in a stylish, contemporary kitchen. Matte Finishes The smooth, flat texture absorbs light and is better at hiding smudges than other common alternatives. Monochromatic Color Scheme For a sophisticated ambiance, all-black or all-white are both popular. Sleek Lighting Lights add a stunning design element while… Continue reading →

4 Features to Revamp Your Mudroom

Revamp your mudroom with these features. Cubbies and Seating Cubbies will keep your room organized. A place to sit while putting your shoes on is also helpful. Pet-Washing Station All it takes is a small tub or shower area with a handheld sprayer to keep your pets clean. Sink and Counter Space For any miscellaneous… Continue reading →

5 Design Features for a Luxurious Shower

Here are 5 features to create the perfect shower area in your home… Dual Showerheads Dual showerheads allow for a spacious shower area where couples can go about their routine without having to wait. Rain Shower Rain showers create a relaxing and luxurious feeling of water cascading down on you. Vitamin C-Infused Shower Vitamin C-infused… Continue reading →

4 Home Materials That Will Look Even Better With Age

These four home materials will look better with age. Copper Eventually, copper will oxidize, and its shiny dark orange appearance will develop a distinguished look with shades of blue and green. Terracotta When you decide to splurge on beautiful handmade terracotta for your home, you can rest assured that it will endure. Reclaimed Wood Scuffs… Continue reading →

Are you a Millennial? 5 tips for buying your first home

In 2020, millennials will be buying the bulk of real estate in the U.S., according to’s 2020 Housing Market Predictions. This could be due to the fact that they are currently the largest living adult generation in the United States. As a result, they have begun to reconsider its housing conditions. Most millennials buying… Continue reading →

SOLA – South lamar Neighborhood in ATX

The South Lamar neighborhood, a.k.a. “SoLa”, is in close proximity to just about everything in Austin. It is located in the cool 78704 zip code. Besides all the great restaurants, clubs, and bars on South Lamar Boulevard, you are also 10 minutes from the entertainment districts of downtown and 5 minutes from Zilker Park, Barton… Continue reading →