3 Reasons to Add Mature Trees to Your Property

In the real estate world, its no secret that beautiful trees can completely transform a property. They can provide myriad benefits that improve your outdoor living space and can even help to lure a potential buyer. The catch? It literally takes years for them to reach their full potential. If you want to skip all the time, maintenance and pruning that comes with planting a tree, you may want to consider adding mature trees to your property. Following are just a few of the instant advantages you can expect when doing so.

Increased Property Value
Studies have shown that mature trees can increase a homes value by as much as 19 percent, so if youre planning to put your house on the market in the near future, that should be reason enough to do so. After all, trees add curb appeal that potential buyers are sure to notice right away and can make your home stand out from other properties.

Improve Your Outdoor Space
Depending on what youre looking for, mature trees can serve a variety of purposes. You can add instant privacy to your backyard by screening out the neighbors or create a shady canopy over your terrace that allows you to enjoy it at all hours during the summer. Additionally, trees can also improve your view and contribute to a peaceful atmosphere where the whole family can relax outside.

Environmentally Friendly
Planting mature trees around your property is an environmentally-friendly move for several reasons. For starters, theyll instantly help reduce your footprint by absorbing carbon and other pollutants in the environment. Additionally, by strategically placing a tree in the right location, it can even help to reduce your homes energy bill. Whether its providing shade to decrease your cooling costs in the summer or shielding your home from wind in the winter, you can use trees to help lower your energy consumption and protect the planet.

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