How to Design the Perfect Game Room

If theres one part of a home where you can cut loose and have fun, its the game room. Whether youre a pool shark or board game enthusiast, having a designated area to spend leisure time with friends and family is a luxury that cannot be overlooked. While these recreation spaces can be a challenge to design, here are a few helpful tips that will have you on your way to hosting the ultimate game night!

Identify Your Space
A large, open area tends to work best for a game room because it allows you to set up distinct spaces for different activities and is conducive to entertaining. For this reason, game rooms are often located in finished basements or converted attics, but they can really be located in any part of the house depending on your needs.

Consider the Games
Once you know the area and layout of the space, the next step is to assess how you plan to use it. Will you need room for billiards or a ping pong table? Maybe a felted card table or a board game area? Whatever it is your family enjoys, try to make the most of the room and have something that everyone will have fun playing together.

Pick a Theme
Having a theme will set the mood for your game room and make it an exciting place to entertain friends. You can go wild with your imagination and recreate a vintage arcade from your childhood that the kids are sure to love, or go for more of grown-up vibe with a sports bar or casino theme.

Functional Decor
Because game rooms are often used as a multipurpose space, its ideal to have furniture that can swivel or be moved around the room easily to accommodate groups of all sizes. Ample shelving and storage space are also important since therell likely be lots of odds and ends piling up, like ping pong paddles, poker chips, board games and more.

Refreshment Area
Whether its a wet bar or a kitchenette, having some sort of refreshment area is a major bonus thatll come in handy when youre hosting game night. After all, you dont want to miss your turn just because you had to run all the way back to the kitchen to make a cocktail for one of your guests!

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Why Luxury Buyers Prefer Turnkey Homes

If youre planning to put your home on the market, chances are youre considering making a few upgrades around the house. For most sellers, that might entail a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some retiling in the bathrooms. In the luxury market, however, the importance of listing your home in mint condition cannot be overstated if youre hoping to fetch top dollar. High-end homebuyers in todays marketplace serious value on a property thats move-in ready and shows no signs of wear and tear. Here are just a few reasons why a turnkey residence is more likely to appeal to luxury buyers.

Affluent homeowners want their living space to be finished to the highest standards. Creating such a space, however, takes time, and time is a luxury. Many of todays top buyers simply dont want to worry about making design decisions or meeting with contractors, which is why theyre willing to pay more for a property that already meets their expectations without having to put more work into it.

Easier to Envision Themselves
For some high-end buyers, it can be difficult to envision themselves living in a home that shows signs of wear and tear. After all, we can understand why someone would prefer a living space that looks brand new, even if it isnt, over one thats clearly been lived in by strangers. On a psychological level, it shows that the home has been well cared for and meets their standards.

Costs Are Upfront
Everyone knows that when you have to renovate a home and make upgrades, chances are its going to go over your original budget. The cost of installing todays most coveted luxury home features, like swimming pools, media rooms and spa-like bathrooms, can quickly add up. If a home is already equipped with everything a buyer is looking for, then it can be very appealing to know they wont have to invest any more money in upgrades.

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5 Tips to Design Your Home Library

Design a library that will give your abode major appeal with these tips.

Identify the Style

Determine the look that youre going for. Is it a moody traditional look or an eclectic modern one?

Consider the Functionality

If your library will function as a home office, include space for a desk and keep the overall ambiance in mind.

Built-in Bookcases

Consider the size of your book collection and if youll be using the shelves to display artwork or other objects.

Comfortable Seating

Whether its a chaise lounge or plush leather chairs, the furniture should be comfortable and sophisticated.

Thoughtful Lighting

Recessed lighting is best for reading, whereas wall sconces can contribute to the ambiance.

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4 Tips to Design a Stylish Breakfast Nook

Design the ideal breakfast nook in your home with these tips.

Connected to the Kitchen

The breakfast nook should feel as if its practically part of the cooking space.

Built-In Seating

Although its not essential, breakfast nooks are often designed with built-in seating that contributes to the informal ambiance.

Maximize Natural Light

Nothing energizes us at the start of the day like the morning light, so try to put your breakfast nook near plenty of windows if possible.

Keep It Cozy

Furnish with comfortable seating and an uplifting color scheme to create the perfect vibe for when the family sits down together.

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5 Timeless Furniture Pieces for Your Home

These five iconic pieces of furniture have stood the test of time.

Eames Lounge Chair

With plush leather cushions and wood detailing, it goes effortlessly in any room.

Arco Lamp

A practical lighting solution for any area, its marble base and stainless steel stem create a serious design statement.

Barcelona Chair

Complete with a polished chrome frame and leather cushions with hand-tufted buttons, this chair exudes an unmistakable sense of casual elegance.

LC4 Chaise Lounge

With the ability to recline at any angle while providing ergonomic support, this stylish chaise lounge is a true conversation piece.

Florence Knoll Sofa

Simple and refined, this piece will add instant appeal to your living room while contributing to a refined ambiance.

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The “Height” of Luxury: Why to Invest in a Penthouse

There is perhaps nothing more synonymous with luxury than a penthouse apartment.

Here are a few advantages you can expect by living in the height of luxury!

Extra Spacious

The penthouse is almost always the largest residence in the building.

Rooftop Terrace

Penthouse residences usually boast a private rooftop terrace that you can escape to high above the city.

Far-Ranging Views

If youre looking for a dwelling that captures breathtaking views of the cityscape, this is where you want to be.

Extra Natural Light

Often designed with taller ceilings and bigger windows, penthouses let in an abundance of natural light.

Status Symbol

It may not be important to you, but it goes without saying that penthouses are a status symbol.

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