Why Luxury Buyers Prefer Turnkey Homes

If youre planning to put your home on the market, chances are youre considering making a few upgrades around the house. For most sellers, that might entail a fresh coat of paint and perhaps some retiling in the bathrooms. In the luxury market, however, the importance of listing your home in mint condition cannot be overstated if youre hoping to fetch top dollar. High-end homebuyers in todays marketplace serious value on a property thats move-in ready and shows no signs of wear and tear. Here are just a few reasons why a turnkey residence is more likely to appeal to luxury buyers.

Affluent homeowners want their living space to be finished to the highest standards. Creating such a space, however, takes time, and time is a luxury. Many of todays top buyers simply dont want to worry about making design decisions or meeting with contractors, which is why theyre willing to pay more for a property that already meets their expectations without having to put more work into it.

Easier to Envision Themselves
For some high-end buyers, it can be difficult to envision themselves living in a home that shows signs of wear and tear. After all, we can understand why someone would prefer a living space that looks brand new, even if it isnt, over one thats clearly been lived in by strangers. On a psychological level, it shows that the home has been well cared for and meets their standards.

Costs Are Upfront
Everyone knows that when you have to renovate a home and make upgrades, chances are its going to go over your original budget. The cost of installing todays most coveted luxury home features, like swimming pools, media rooms and spa-like bathrooms, can quickly add up. If a home is already equipped with everything a buyer is looking for, then it can be very appealing to know they wont have to invest any more money in upgrades.

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