Beat the Heat in Style With These Swimming Pool Designs

When temperatures soar, theres no better way to cool off than taking a dip in the pool. For many high-end homebuyers, a swimming pool is an essential feature that theyre not willing to live without. If youre thinking of adding one to your property, there are tons of different design details to take into consideration. One thats always in-demand is the infinity edge pool, but going beyond that, there are plenty of other exciting features.

Here are just a few fun ideas to design the perfect swimming area for your home:

Walk-In Entry
Also known as a beach entry or zero entry, walk-in swimming pools have a gradual slope so you can ease into the water just like youre at the beach. Ideal for kids who like to splash around or grandparents who might have difficulty on steps, walk-in pools can also include built-in lounge chairs for the perfect spot to soak up rays while staying cool.

Swim-Up Bar
If youre an avid entertainer, a swim-up bar might be in store. All it really takes is a couple of bar stools built into the pool with a raised counter along the edge, but it works best if you can incorporate a sunken barbecue area or outdoor kitchen on the other side of the counter. That way, youll have yourself the ultimate backyard paradise.

Waterfall Feature
Whether its a nature-inspired waterfall or an artistic fountain, having a feature of this sort provides a true spa-like experience. In addition to the dramatic visual appeal, the relaxing sound of cascading water makes your swimming pool a veritable private oasis.

Inset Hot Tub
If youre going to have a swimming pool, why not include a hot tub? Inset hot tubs make for a seamless transition between the two, making it appear as if theyre practically connected. You can easily move between hot and cold with a stunning design that leaves nothing to be desired.

Lights and Music
You and the kids could have fun in the pool at all hours by adding colorful lights and underwater music. Or, if you need a spot to unwind, you can use calming colors and tranquil tunes for a relaxing multi-sensory experience while youre floating.

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