Outdoor Urban Spaces: Which Type Is Right for Your Home?

Outdoor living areas are a highly desirable feature when it comes to residing in the city. Its a luxury that many affluent homebuyers put at the top of their list when looking at properties. Speaking in broad terms, there are essentially two different types of outdoor spaces that youre likely to come across when viewing real estate in the city: those that are wide open to skyline views and those that are enclosed hideaways. If youre still debating which one is right for you, heres a detailed look at how these types of spaces differ.

Open Urban Spaces
Whether its a rooftop terrace or a spacious balcony, some luxury homebuyers are drawn to outdoor spaces that benefit from far-ranging city views. Theres no denying the wow-factor that comes with overlooking a metropolis and watching the shimmering lights turn on as the sun goes down. This dramatic backdrop is ever-changing with the seasons and development of the city, though that does mean that your view could potentially be obstructed by a new building or construction equipment in the future.

Enclosed Urban Spaces
Then, there are those who prefer the feeling of a private sanctuary in the heart of a city. An outdoor space thats enclosed, like a courtyard or a walled terrace with lush plantings, has the power to transport you outside of your urban surroundings. These are ideal if the hustle and bustle of the city tends to grind you down and you need somewhere to escape at the end of each day. While you may not have the city views, theres much to be said for an intimate hideaway.

Go Big With Both
Of course, for those who are not willing to make any sacrifices when it comes to luxury living, it is possible to have both. This could mean having multiple outdoor spaces that cater to different situations, such as a peaceful courtyard ideal for al fresco dinners and a separate terrace with unobstructed views where you can entertain. Ultimately, its a matter of personal preference.

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