4 Architectural Details for a Distinguished Living Space

When searching for a new home, there are certain features that we all covet and are easy to spot, such as a spa-like bathroom or a gourmet kitchen. However, its just as important to keep an eye out for the little details. While they might not be as noticeable at first glance, certain architectural touches can contribute to a distinguished look that speaks to the quality of the home. If youre currently searching for a luxury property, here are a few details to take note of when viewing a home.

These wall panels come in a variety of styles, such as raised or board and batten, and are often considered a mark of craftsmanship that creates a refined aesthetic. In addition to giving the walls a sense of texture, wainscoting can also be incorporated into a rooms color scheme if you want to give it a two-toned look. Its quite common to see wainscoting stained or painted white and the rest of the wall painted a different color.

Built-in Bookshelves
While the world may be going digital, built-in bookshelves still hold their appeal. Whether youre putting your literary collection on display or using it as a space for small objects and artwork, theres no denying that they lend a sophisticated ambience to practically any room.

Tall, Detailed Ceilings
Everyone loves tall ceilings. They create a grand sense of space and typically come hand-in-hand with oversized windows that allow natural light to pour in. While youre looking up, there are plenty more architectural details to keep an eye out for, like wood beams or voluminous barrel vaulted ceilings.

Crown Molding
The visual barrier between wall and ceiling, crown molding can range from a simple piece of trim to an ornate display of artistry. This coveted detail can help to make the walls feel taller and if you want to get creative with a splashy ceiling color, crown molding will help to frame it and create separation from the rest of the room.

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