How to Design a Stylish Breakfast Nook

If you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then your home should certainly have a well-designed space to eat in each morning. A stylish breakfast nook is the perfect spot to ease into the daily routine with a hearty meal, but it can also be great for casual dining throughout the rest of the day, from a quick lunch with friends to a laid-back family dinner. Here are a few tips for designing the ideal breakfast nook in your home.

Connected to the Kitchen
The breakfast nook should feel as if its practically part of the cooking space. Rather than having to go back and forth between the kitchen and a separate dining area, everything is simplified and integrated so you can easily prepare your meal and sit down to enjoy. If youre cooking breakfast for the kids, this connectivity makes it easy for the family to catch up in the morning before everyone rushes out the door for their busy days.

Built-In Seating
Although its not essential, breakfast nooks are often designed with built-in seating that contributes to the informal ambience. Its really more about style than functionality, but theres just something casual and inviting about an L-shaped bench with cushions that wraps around the table.

Maximize Natural Light
Nothing energizes us at the start of the day like the morning light, which is why you should try to put your breakfast nook near plenty of windows if possible. This allows you to soak up the sunshine and feel connected to nature each morning. If you have an outdoor terrace or patio near the kitchen, you may even want to consider designing a separate outdoor breakfast area to enjoy during the warmer months.

Keep it Cozy
Unlike a grand dining room, the breakfast nook should feel cozy and intimate. Its important to keep a sense of scale in mind when designing one in your home to ensure the space feels suitable for relaxed dining. Furnishing it with comfortable seating and an uplifting color scheme will create the perfect vibe for when the family sits down together.

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