3 Ways That City Dwellers Can Maximize Space

When you live in the city, space is one of the ultimate luxuries. Even high-end homeowners might sometimes feel like they could use a little extra square footage around the house. Living elsewhere, you probably have the liberty to expand your residences footprint, but in an urban setting you have to get more creative. If youre looking to maximize the space in your home, here are several tips to ensure all your needs are accommodated.

Hidden Features
One way to make the most of your space is including hidden features that can transform a room when in use. For example, a casual seating area can quickly become a media room with a pop-up television that emerges from a cabinet or a projector thats hidden in the ceiling. If you need more room for overnight guests (which can quickly become an issue for growing families), another option is to install Murphy beds in your rec room or home office that are seamlessly stowed away when not in use.

Smart Home Gym
You may not have the space for a full-blown fitness area full of equipment, but you can still get a good workout without leaving the house. These days, there are numerous smart home gyms that require minimal space to exercise with maximum convenience. Whether youre into running, cycling, kickboxing or even resistance training, all you really need is a small corner of the house.

Multi-Purpose Furniture
Having furniture that serves more than one purpose has major appeal when space is at a premium. This is especially valuable if you get extra storage space, like an ottoman that can open up and hold blankets inside or a bedframe for the kids room with built-in drawers where they can keep their toys. Other options might be a versatile dining room table that can extend to accommodate extra guests at a dinner party or splurging on a high-end sofa with a pull-out bed thats actually comfortable.

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