Luxury Buildings Are Going Above and Beyond With These Features

In cities all across the country, high-end real estate developers are taking luxury to new heights. Over-the-top amenities have long been a proven way to lure wealthy buyers, from elaborate concierge services to expansive fitness centers, but the never-ending pursuit to offer residents an exclusive lifestyle has reached new levels. If youre unsure of the advantages of todays most prestigious luxury buildings, here are a few of the latest amenities that were seeing.

Next-Level Wellness
Of course, having a full-service spa is an amazing perk to have in your building, but if maintaining wellness is a top priority in your life, then you might be interested in a building that keeps on-call doctors who are ready to make a house-call at any time of day. Onsite medical staff are perhaps the ultimate amenity for peace of mind, and luxury real estate developers have begun to tap into this. Having your doctor, trainer and even a nutritionist all under one roof is a sure-fire way to keep you feeling your best for years to come.

Heightened Transportation
Developers are also looking to make your life easier when youre on the go. Car-share programs allow owners to fly in for the weekend and have access to a fleet of brand-new luxury automobiles without having to worry about all of the complications that come with owning a car in the city. And what about when traffic is an issue? Some buildings are even equipped with helicopter taxis to shuttle you across town or pick you up at the airport.

Celebrated Staff
Increasingly, theres an emphasis placed on the staff members of these top-tier buildings. For example, ordering room service might not simply mean having your food prepared by any old chef, but rather an internationally-renowned chef. For those focused on living an active lifestyle, you may find a fitness area staffed with celebrity trainers or a coach who has worked with professional athletes ready to give you a tennis lesson. Access to such individuals who are at the top of their craft is now part of the complete lifestyle package.

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