4 Home Features That Outdoor Enthusiasts Love

Theres nothing like spending a day under the sun, breathing fresh air and soaking up picturesque views. For some luxury homeowners, life is all about being connected to nature and engaging in outdoor activities. If youre the type who feels most at home while outside, these four features are sure to cater to your lifestyle.

Access is Everything
Whether you want a ski-in/ski-out chalet in the mountains or a waterfront property with a deep water dock to keep a boat, your home should provide access to your favorite activities. Living close to well-maintained hiking and biking trails where you can spend a few hours outside is a luxury that youll be sure to enjoy.

Scenic Vistas
Theres just something about a scenic view that delivers a sense of calm and relaxation. For many outdoor enthusiasts, you simply cant put a price on being able to wake up to that each morning. While there are many luxury home features that you can add to a home after you buy it, breathtaking views that allow you to feel connected to the outside world are not one of them.

Trees and Plants
Of course, anyone who feels at home when surrounded by nature will gravitate toward homes that have been thoughtfully landscaped with an abundance of greenery. From towering trees to secret gardens, adding some vegetation to your property can offer much more than just curb appeal. A backyard terrace thats completely removed from the outside world is always a valuable feature, but especially so for nature-lovers.

Plenty of Storage
Outdoor activities tend to require a lot of gear. If you partake in more than a few, then chances are you need ample storage space to keep your bike, kayak, fishing pole or any other equipment you may have. To accommodate all this, you may want a large garage that you can outfit with a few racks or a generously-sized mud room where you can store your gear. Maybe even both.

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