4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Room to Watch Sports

Home theaters are great for movies, but some luxury homeowners want a separate setting to watch the big game. After all, sports viewing is a different experience thats more social and often includes eating, drinking and talking as the family gathers around. If youre looking to design a media room thats ideal for watching your favorite team, here are a few features to keep in mind.

Top-Notch Tech
Of course, a big screen is an absolute must, but you may want to consider multiple screens. Some serious sports enthusiasts go so far as having a main TV along with a few smaller ones for when there are multiple games on at the same time. Additionally, a state-of-the-art surround sound system will help to bring the experience of the stadium into your home.

Strategic Seating
Seating for a home theater is relatively simple: you need a couple of rows of plush chairs that the family can stay put in comfortably for a few hours. When its game time, however, everyone is moving around, giving high-fives and munching on snacks. For this reason, youre better off with an open seating area, like a large sectional thats front and center, as well as a few other spaces people can congregate. Bar tables and stools are always a popular option in sports rooms.

Wet Bar
Speaking of bar tables, you may want to have your home bar located nearby. Everyone loves to sip on their favorite drink while watching the game, but you certainly dont want to run back to the kitchen and miss a big play. You can even take it a step further and include a few appliances for preparing your favorite snacks.

Its no secret that sports games can go late into the evening and for passionate fans who tend to get a little noisy, thats a recipe for waking up the kids. You can solve that problem, however, by making your sports room soundproof. Then, youre free to show your support and celebrate a big win without getting into trouble.

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