4 Reasons to Love Natural Swimming Pools

Its easy to understand why so many luxury homeowners want a swimming pool in their backyard. They provide the perfect place for the family to cool off, hang out and enjoy the outdoors. While there are plenty of popular styles, from infinity-edge to pools with cascading waterfalls, one new trend thats catching on is the natural swimming pool. Here are just a few reasons why youll love having one of these in your backyard.

Traditionally, pools rely on harsh chemicals, like chlorine, to kill germs. Natural swimming pools, however, utilize plants to keep the water clean. Theyre designed with a swimming area and a separate regeneration zone where plants, such as water lilies and flag irises, filter the water and prevent the growth of bacteria. This means youll be basking in freshwater thats far gentler on your hair and skin every time you take a dip.

Natural Aesthetic
For those who love to be immersed in the outdoors, this is the way to go. These pools are designed to sit in perfect harmony with their surroundings and appear as if they are completely natural. They can also attract more birds to your property and convert the backyard into a tranquil retreat with stunning views.

Less Maintenance
The initial cost of building a natural swimming pool is usually higher than a traditional pool. One of the biggest advantages, though, is that theres far less maintenance. They essentially clean themselves naturally and never need to be drained or closed during the winter. Youre free to just sit back and enjoy as the pool evolves with each season.

Conventional pools can take a serious toll on the environment. They require lots of chemicals, high water usage and plenty of energy to stay heated. Yet, this alternative solution addresses all of those issues. In addition to being chemical-free, they often do not need to be heated and, since theyre never drained, require far less water.

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