4 Master Suite Upgrades to Simplify Your Life

When picturing the perfect master suite, chances are its complete with a spa-like bathroom, spacious dressing room and perhaps even a private balcony or outdoor space. There are, however, a few more features that are equally important to creating an all-encompassing suite that leaves nothing to be desired. Following are a few easy upgrades that can take your bedroom to a whole new level of luxury.

Wet Bar
A small wet bar tucked away in the master suite is a great convenience. In the evenings, you and your significant other can have a quick night cap while catching up on the days events without being interrupted. It can also be used as a coffee bar in the morning, where you can whip up a latte or cappuccino in the comfort of your bedroom before diving into your daily routine.

Washer and Dryer
Having a separate washing machine and dryer in the master suite is becoming increasingly common for luxury homeowners who want to simplify their lives. Rather than carrying a load of clothes down the hall, it can make your life much easier when your dressing area and laundry area are all in one place.

Smart Blackout Shades
Blackout shades are one of the easiest upgrades that you can make to your master suite, but they also might be the most important. These days, you can install smart shades that are controlled via your smartphone and can be set to open at a specific time each morning so youre woken up by natural light. A good nights sleep is a luxury that our busy lives often deprive us of, which is why its important to create the best possible sleep conditions in your bedroom.

Grooming and Make-Up Areas
Everyone has their own rituals when preparing to look their best. Whether its a built-in vanity for doing your makeup in the dressing room or a grooming area in the bathroom, a well-designed master suite should cater to your needs and be an enjoyable place when getting ready for each day.

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