How to Design a Meditation Space at Home

Luxury homeowners have increasingly embraced wellness in their living spaces. While some features will require working with a professional to install, such as a water purifier or a steam room, there are also DIY projects that you can tackle to promote healthy living around the house. One way to do so is to create a meditation room where you can escape for a few peaceful moments each day.

Meditation is believed to have far-ranging benefits, from reducing stress to boosting cognitive function. If this sounds like something you could benefit from in your life, here are a few tips for designing a meditation area at home.

Pick the Right Location
It all starts with finding the ideal space. This should be somewhere youll be free from any distractions, meaning you probably dont want to set up your meditation area near a part of the home that gets a lot of traffic. All it really takes is a small room or quiet alcove, however, if you have a tranquil view to help you settle into a relaxing mindset, thats certainly a bonus. During the warmer months, you can even design your meditation space outside.

Create a Zen-Like Atmosphere
Focus on the energy of the room. Meditation studios tend to be designed with a minimalist aesthetic. One reason for this is that removing clutter and chaos from your surroundings can help to promote mental clarity. A simple cushion or mat where you can sit comfortably is all youll really need, but a few plants and objects can contribute to the ambience and allow you to disconnect from your daily stress.

Tap the Senses
Another way to make this a tranquil space is to tap into your senses with warm lighting, relaxing aromas and peaceful sounds. Candles or an essential oil diffuser can fill the room with your favorite scent to help you focus on breathing and reflection. If you want some gentle background noise, a small water feature and meditative music are excellent ways to set the mood.

And remember, this is a place to unplug, so ideally, there wont be any screens nearby.

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