How to Design a Living Space That’s Ethical and Luxurious

Many luxury homeowners are looking for ways to become more socially and environmentally responsible. One way that you can make a difference is by choosing to create a living space that embraces ethical design. Understanding where the materials in your home came from and what sort of impact they have on the environment doesnt require making any sacrifices other than taking the time to do your research. Here are a few ways that you can ensure your home is equal parts ethical and luxurious.

Choose Transparent Brands
These days, there are plenty of home dcor brands that make exquisite materials for the entire house while being transparent about their practices. From furniture manufacturers to handcrafted goods, they strive to make an impact while sharing all of the important details about their supply chain, carbon footprint, labor standards and wages. As a result, they may cost a little bit more than competitors, but its worth the price to feel good about the products in your home.

Get Good Wood
Deforestation is a massive problem thats responsible for destroying ecosystems all around the world. However, that doesnt mean that you cant have beautiful hardwoods in your home, as there are still plenty of sustainable options. Certain species, like pine and oak, can be grown responsibly under the right conditions. When in doubt, a safe strategy is to source your wood from a member of the Forest Stewardship Council. Another option is to go with reclaimed floors and give wood a second life in your home.

Source Your Stone Carefully
Things can get a little complicated with natural stone because its not a renewable resource the way certain types of wood are. When a quarry is depleted, its time to dig another hole in the Earth somewhere. Furthermore, the United States imports 90 percent of the granite and marble used in residential construction, often from developing countries. Because there can be many uncertainties regarding labor standards and environmental impact, its important to make sure that your natural stone is sourced from an ethically responsible mining company. Fortunately, there are several different organizations that certify this.

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