How to Design a Home That Embodies Laid-Back Luxury

We all have different tastes and preferences. While some gravitate toward a home with glitz and glam on full display, there are those who opt for a more casual look without compromising luxury. If youre the type who identifies with the latter, then youre probably familiar with the design challenges of achieving an interior space that feels upscale and stylish without being too formal. Below are a few ideas to keep in mind when designing a home that embodies understated luxury.

Keep It Casual
Above all else, you should strive for a sense of casual elegance, which means that your living area should feel comfortable and functional rather than overly decorative. While you can certainly curate a few objects to put on display, its better to stay away from pieces that introduce high drama or grandeur.

Muted Tones
The color palette plays an important role in achieving a look of laid-back luxury. Oftentimes, designers will go with neutral tones that are timeless and use a few accents of color and texture to make the space still feel energized. Shades of white and gray or natural earth tones are ideal for a low-key ambience.

Quality Materials
Casual luxury is often conveyed through the careful use of high-end materials that are always in style, like marble countertops or hand-planed wood floors. Quality that endures does not have to be splashy and, in fact, its the subtle details that will speak volumes, such as impeccably upholstered furniture or artistic light fixtures.

Old Meets New
Homes that exude this style often combine a traditional aesthetic with a few modern characteristics. Old world craftsmanship, for example, will always be fashionable. But dont be afraid to juxtapose it with contemporary or modern furnishings that exhibit sleek lines to give the room a unique blend of old and new.

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