4 Elegant Surfaces to Improve Your Driveway

Upgrading your driveway with a new material can be a quick and relatively easy way to improve the exterior of your home. From curb appeal to practicality, there are many benefits to be enjoyed. Asphalt and concrete are two of the most common options these days, but if youre looking to set your home apart from the moment a potential buyer pulls into the driveway, here are several surfaces that are worthy of being used outside any luxury home.

Natural Stone Slabs
Beautiful and long lasting, natural stone slabs are an excellent choice that can work with a variety of architectural styles. There are certain considerations to take into account when selecting the right type of stone, such as how slippery it gets when wet and its ability to endure freeze-thaw cycles. For this reason, travertine, bluestone and flagstone are solid options that will provide you with a beautiful driveway for years to come, as long as its installed properly.

Some materials have to be resurfaced every three to five years, but a brick driveway is likely to last at least 25 years. Although its one of the more expensive options, this classic style can instantly add endless charm and appeal to the outside of any home, making it a sound investment.

There are plenty of elegant options when it comes to picking out the type of gravel for your driveway, like pea stone or bluestone, but for environmentally conscious homeowners, you can feel good about going with the one thats locally available. If you love the look but youre worried about the general upkeep and having to regularly lay more gravel every couple of years, then you can always go with the tar and chip method, where the gravel is sealed in place.

If youre looking for a surface that checks all the boxes”aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and low maintenance”you simply cant go wrong with pavers. With many different patterns, textures and colors to choose from, you can get just the right look to upgrade the outside of any property.

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