How to Add Luxury to Your Dressing Area

If youre going to start each day on the right foot, you need a master suite with a suitable dressing area. This is especially true when you have an overflowing wardrobe or simply like to take your time getting ready before you leave the house. Whether you have a spacious walk-in closet or a designated dressing room, here are a few tips to add a touch of luxury when picking out your outfit.

Motorized Closet System
No one enjoys digging through piles and piles of clothes each morning, only to have to re-fold them later. A motorized closet system will spare you that headache by allowing you to sift through your wardrobe with the touch of a button. These days, hanging rods and shoe wracks can even be integrated with a smart home system and controlled via your mobile device, making the start of your day that much easier.

Secure Your Valuables
Its no secret that closets and dressing areas are a popular place to store expensive items, like jewelry, watches and handbags. Installing a biometric safe that requires your fingerprint to unlock will keep your valuables safe and deliver you the ultimate piece of mind. Plus, theyre easy enough for you to open when you need to without having to worry about keys or combinations.

Add a Steamer
If you want to skip having to constantly iron or go to the dry cleaners, then a steam cleaner might be your new best friend. You can have clean and freshly pressed clothes in a few minutes and can even control todays cutting-edge systems over your smartphone, the LG Styler.

Smart Mirror
For those who are multi-taskers, a smart mirror will make a great addition to your dressing area. In addition to showing your reflection while putting together the perfect outfit, a smart mirror can also help you get caught up on the news, check your emails or make sure that youre dressed appropriately for the days weather.

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