Set Your Kitchen Apart With These Features

Its no secret that the kitchen ranks highly among luxury homeowners. Often described as the heart of the home, this is where families gather together and make memories, which is why you want a cooking area thats a cut above the rest.

Here are a few key features thatll enhance your kitchen, as well as impress potential buyers if you later decide to sell your house:

Two Ovens
In luxury kitchens, two ovens are fast becoming the norm. They provide you with flexibility and functionality, especially when making a multi-course meal for large groups. When youre baking fish in one oven and cake for dessert in the other, youll be sure to appreciate having a well-equipped cooking space.

Pot Filler
For those who dont particularly enjoy lugging a pot full of water from the sink to the stove top, a pot filler is the ultimate convenience. Serious chefs love having a faucet mounted right above the stove because it lets you skip the heavy lifting and get right down to cooking.

Professional-Grade Range
Whether youre making family breakfast or hosting dinner parties, a professional-grade range is a kitchen essential. Having six to eight burners is sure to come in handy when youre whipping up elaborate meals, and the aesthetic of a commercial-style cooktop will let everyone know youre not messing around in the kitchen.

Dishwasher Drawers
Rather than having one large dishwasher, two dishwasher drawers give you the ability to clean smaller loads without sacrificing space. When you only have a few dishes to clean, running a single drawer is an efficient way to save water and energy”plus, you wont have to bend over and strain your back when loading it!

Smart Appliances
Of course, technology in the kitchen is becoming increasingly desired. Millennial buyers, in particular, value having appliances they can control through their smartphones or by giving voice commands to a virtual assistant. Smart ovens, touchless faucets, and refrigerators that notify you when ingredients are about to go bad are the new normal in luxury kitchens.

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