How to Design the Perfect Rooftop Garden

Those who live in the city know just how great of a luxury it is to have your own private outdoor space. If your home already has a backyard or balcony, then the stage is set to create your urban oasis. However, if you have access to your rooftop, then that might be just the perfect spot to design a private green space. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating an idyllic garden area on top of your home.

Planting Scheme
The first item is to consider your space and how you plan on using it. Then, create a planting scheme that caters to this. Perhaps you want a sleek and minimalist garden with a few planters or maybe a lush overflow of greenery that feels totally enveloped. Identify which plants work best with the style youre going for and make sure they can get the right amount of sunshine.

Create Shade
Speaking of sunshine, if you want to use your rooftop during the day, dont forget to create shade. Whether you use a shade sail, tall plantings or a pergola with climbers, this will make it more enjoyable to spend time here in the afternoon, as well as add privacy.

Seating Arrangements
If you have the space for it, try to incorporate a few separate seating areas that cater to different occasions, like a barbecue area, loungers for sunbathing, and a table for al fresco dinners. Rooftops tend to be the best vantage point for capturing a view, but even if you dont have one, the right garden landscaping can make this a special place to spend time with the family and entertain friends.

Identify Your Materials
Before you go picking out the outdoor furniture, youll have to identify the materials to use for flooring, railings and planters. Depending on your personal tastes, there are tons of options to choose from, like cedar decking or stone slabs that warm in the sun. Try to use materials that will work well in this verdant setting.

Incorporate Extra Features
There are lots of ways to further enhance your rooftop garden, from intimate lighting that sets the tone at outdoor dinner parties to a fire pit that the family can gather around. Outdoor speakers are another nice touch that anyone can enjoy.

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