4 Great Features That Every Mudroom Should Have

The mudroom may not be the most glamorous part of the home, but this utilitarian space undoubtedly serves an important purpose. While many people merely think of it as a place to leave your shoes and jackets, the reality is that not all mud rooms were designed equally. If youre looking to revamp this area in your home, here are some ideas to ensure the mudroom is equipped with everything you need.

Cubbies and Seating
Rather than letting hats, mittens and coats pile up with no rhyme or reason, you can keep this area clean and organized by installing cubbies for each member of the family. Its also helpful to include some seating, like built-in benches, where you can sit down while putting your shoes on.

Pet Washing Station
If you have furry friends running around the house, the mudroom is the perfect place to install a pet washing station. As much as we love them, theres no denying that our pets can get a little smelly and leave odors around the house. All it takes is a small tub or shower area with a handheld spray to keep them at their cleanest. This can also come in handy for spraying off muddy shoes, the kids sports equipment or anything else.

Sink and Counter Space
For any miscellaneous needs, its practical to have a sink and counter space in your mudroom. Gardeners will especially enjoy this, as it provides the ideal space for flower clipping, washing vegetables or general garden preparation.

Laundry Area
You may already have a washer and dryer closer to the bedrooms in your home, but having a laundry area in the mudroom is always a welcomed addition. Its no secret things can get messy when kids are playing outside, which is why youll want them to throw their dirty duds in the washing machine before coming in the house.

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