4 Exciting Features for Kids’ Bedrooms

As a child, being sent to your room used to be a punishment. These days, however, its more like a reward, as high-end homeowners are giving their kids rooms the luxury treatment. For many parents, theres no price you can put on creating a space where the little ones will play and let their imaginations run wild. If youre looking to channel your inner-child while designing, here are a few exciting features that the kids will love having in their rooms.

Built-In Bunk Beds
When it comes to the childrens room, built-in bunk beds are the ultimate design feature. Theyre a practical use of space, especially if your kids are sharing a room, and you can also have a trundle bed underneath for when their friends sleepover. For grandparents, having a bunk room that all the grandchildren can share when theyre visiting is sure to keep them coming back.

Climbing Wall
Kid-sized climbing walls have quickly become a popular feature in childrens rooms and for good reason. Theyre easy enough for any avid DIYer to install and give kids an exciting way to burn their energy while also improving problem solving skills and building confidence. Of course, be sure to take the proper safety precautions and place mats below the climbing area.

Loft Area
When youre a kid, having a loft in your room is like having your own multi-floor living space. It doesnt require particularly high ceilings to give them a little nook above their bed where they can keep toys and build forts. Another option is to use the loft as a work space for them and put a desk where they can do their homework. You can also incorporate fun ways for them to come down, like a slide or firemans pole.

Swinging Chair
These days, there are tons of different features for kids rooms that you can hang from the ceiling, like swings, chairs or even a pod where they can curl up with a book. Its the perfect way to give their room a playful vibe that they can grow into while keeping it stylish.

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