Why Your Home Needs a Smart Faucet

These days, homeowners are embracing the future and fitting their abodes with an array of smart home technology, including smart faucets. And there are more benefits to a high-tech, hands-free faucet than you might think.

Following are just a few of the reasons to upgrade your home with smart faucets.

Hands-Free Control
The motion-activated faucet has been around for a while, and those who have one can agree that its a lifesaver when your hands are covered in grease but you dont want to get the sink dirty in order to wash them. These days, smart sinks can sync up with your smart home assistant, so you can use voice commands to turn it on, off, and even heat up the water when your hands are full.

Precise Dispensing
When the recipe calls for two cups of water, you can forget about pulling out the measuring cup. All you have to do is say the amount you need and its as easy as that. You can also give custom commands to make your daily routine easier, such as filling the kettle or coffee pot, meaning that your sink becomes your own virtual assistant in the kitchen.

Monitor Usage
Theres the added bonus of being able to see exactly how much water youre using. Some smart faucets, like the Kohler Sensate, utilize a sensor on the valve to monitor usage and leaks, which is then displayed on an app. If any unusual usage is detected, youll receive an alert on your smartphone.

No Fingerprints and Smudges
Hands-free control, whether youre using voice commands or motion sensors, means your kitchen sink stays cleaner. For those who cant stand a dirty kitchen, those fingerprints and smudges on the faucet can be a real pet peeve. With a smart faucet, you can rest assured your sink will never lose its luster regardless of how much use it sees.

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