How to Create a Sense of Harmony in Your House

Our living environment often defines the way we live. Thats why its so important to design your interiors in a way that achieves a sense of harmony. More than just a shelter, the home should make you feel more relaxed, energized and motivated each day. If its time to decorate your new living space, here are a few important factors to take into consideration.

Proportion & Scale
Every designer will tell you that achieving the right proportion and scale are essential characteristics. Although theyre sometimes used interchangeably, proportion can refer to how different objects relate to one another in size (like a chair and a sofa), while scale is more likely to refer to how these objects relate to the size of the room. Before buying any new furniture, its always wise to take measurements and try to visualize how it will fill the space its intended for.

Color Scheme
Colors play a major role in how we perceive a space. For instance, while you may want bright and vibrant shades in the kitchen, perhaps the bedroom is better suited to more neutral tones that you find soothing. Coming up with the right scheme, whether its monochromatic or a combination, is one of the most important decisions youll make in each room. So, take the time to look for inspiration and choose colors that match the mood youre looking to create.

Traffic & Flow
You want your interiors to feel as if youre freely flowing from one space to the next. When arranging furniture and dcor, consider how youll move about each room and the way in which these items direct traffic. If you have to take an unnatural path to walk around a sofa or table, you may want to reconsider the placement.

Maintaining a sense of balance is key for any room. While sometimes this can mean symmetry, theres actually much more to it than that. From a visual standpoint, the goal is for the entire room to have a consistent impact or weight, rather than having lots of dcor on one side and wide open space on the other.

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