Why Your Home Should Have Triple-Glazed Windows

When its time to upgrade the windows in your home, its important to know that not all windows are created equally. Considering that they last for up to 20 years and significantly impact the efficiency of your home, this isnt a feature to skimp on. For discerning homebuyers who are willing to spend a little extra for top quality, triple-glazed windows are well worth the investment. If youre getting ready to do (actual) window shopping, here are a few ways in which they outperform traditional windows.

What are triple-glazed windows?
First, you might be wondering what exactly the term triple-glazed means. These windows are constructed using three separate panes with an inert gas, such as argon, inserted between the layers of glass. This can deliver myriad benefits and be used for a wide variety of applications, from casement windows to skylights to sliding glass doors.

Energy Efficient
The biggest advantage is that they will almost certainly reduce your energy bill. When it comes to heating and cooling, windows are typically the least insulated part of a home and triple-glazing was specifically designed to address this. With a significantly improved ability to retain heat or air conditioning, they are widely regarded as the best choice for an environmentally friendly home.

Extra Secure
Additionally, their sturdy structure gives triple-glazed windows the added benefit of being more secure than traditional options. The increased durability can deliver peace of mind to any homeowner, particularly in locations that are prone to hurricanes, highwinds or any other harsh weather conditions.

Noise Insulation
If you live in a noisy neighborhood, youll be pleased to know that they can be an effective way to reduce outside sounds, especially compared to single-pane windows. If this is particularly important to you, then take note of the Sound Transmission Class rating when picking out new windows.

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