How to Stay Connected to Nature When Living in a City

Urban life comes with plenty of advantages, but if theres one challenge that can be difficult to overcome, its staying connected to nature. For many of us, being surrounded by plants and trees or hearing the sounds of birds and cascading water is an easy way to relax and find tranquility, especially when the grind of the city starts to bog you down. If your urban environment leaves you yearning to reconnect with Mother Earth, here are a few ways to experience nature in the city.

Create Your Own Oasis
Whether its a small backyard or a spacious terrace, make the most of your outdoor living area and try to surround yourself with plants. There are numerous benefits to doing so, from the appealing aesthetic to air purification and extra privacy. If you dont have a green thumb, its okay to work with a professional landscape designer to create an enchanting little hideaway right outside your home and, of course, you can always fill your indoor space with plants when it gets cold outside.

Rooftop Gardens
Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the city, from hotels with verdant lounges and restaurants to public buildings with well-tended green spaces on top. Roof-to-table restaurants are a another relatively new concept and although they might not have seating on the roof, you can still treat yourself to fresh, organic vegetables that are grown right upstairs.

Parks & Trails
Local parks, nature trails and botanical gardens are all easy ways to get a quick dose of nature when you dont have time to get out of the city. Taking just a few minutes to appreciate all the sights, sounds and smells can leave you feeling more mindful and at peace in your environment.

Indoor Herb Garden
If your home is a bit limited in terms of outdoor space, all it takes is a sunny spot inside to grow your own herb garden. You can garnish your meals (and cocktails) with the fresh flavors of homegrown rosemary, mint, cilantro and much more while getting to experience the wonders of nature.

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