This Is the Smart Home Tech That Luxury Buyers Care About

It seems like theres a revolutionary new tech gadget coming out every other day, making it difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest. The home, in particular, has seen its fair share of advancements that promise to improve virtually every aspect of your daily life, from robot vacuums to smart trash cans. While many of these are considered luxuries, there are, in fact, a few that high-end homebuyers have come to deem essential.

Heres a selection of smart devices that many luxury homebuyers cannot live without:

A smart home security system is never going to be considered excessive. These days there are tons of options to keep your family safe with motion sensors, cameras and locks that can be monitored and controlled via your smartphone. A home thats equipped with a state-of-the-art system like this will certainly be appreciated.

Sure, smart lights are often touted for setting the mood when youre entertaining or having family movie night, but there are actually many more benefits, like setting motion sensors to illuminate the hallway when the kids go to the bathroom at night. Plus, you can forget about coming home to a dark house, thanks to smart lights that turn on upon your arrival.

Smoke Detectors
Do you ever wonder if your smoke detectors are even working? Upgrading your house with smart smoke alarms will deliver peace of mind thats sure to catch the attention of any potential buyers, especially those with children or pets. It may not be glamorous, but its one of those small details that make a difference.

Smart thermostats provide an element of convenience with their ability to automatically adapt to your schedule and keep the house just the way you like it at all hours. Hate coming home to a hot or cold house? Well, you can say goodbye to that! The biggest benefit, though, just might be the energy that you save, which could significantly cut your heating and cooling bills.

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