6 Ways to Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary

Wellness is a hot topic these days, specifically when it comes to home design. Luxury homeowners have come to expect their living environment to promote both physical and mental well-being, and theyre willing to pay top dollar for it. If youre looking to transform your abode into your own personal sanctuary, here are a few ways to create a healthy and relaxing environment.

Circadian Lighting
All of our screens”phones, tablets, laptops and televisions”emit blue light that tells our brains its time to be awake. To counteract this, there are now a variety of different smart lightbulbs available that dont give off any blue light, while also syncing with your circadian rhythm and helping to regulate melatonin production.

Spa-Like Bathrooms
Having your own private spa at home is a fool-proof way to experience instant relaxation. These days, features go far beyond having a walk-in rain shower, as homeowners are installing infrared saunas, massage rooms, and more, to help keep in touch with their bodies and ensure they feel their best.

Neutral Colors
While a splashy palette is fun and exciting, theres a reason why you dont see too many wellness retreats designed with a vibrant color scheme. Neutral colors tend to be more soothing and help put us at ease.

Biophilic Design
It may sound very scientific, but biophilic design is simply about creating living spaces that connect to the outdoors. Focused on a balance between sustainability and well-being, its being embraced by those who feel at peace in nature and want to preserve it.

Healthy Materials
Unfortunately, some products commonly used in home building can be pretty nasty. Be sure to use materials that are free of formaldehyde, phthalates and volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs) when doing work on your home. The good news is that there are plenty of nontoxic materials that are safe to use.

Purification and Filtration
Having a water filtration system throughout the house ensures that every fixture is running clean, potable water that will leave your skin and hair feeling healthier. Whether you have allergies, respiratory issues, or simply want to breathe air thats free of contaminants and pollutants, an air purifier is another sound investment to promote well-being in your home.

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