Treat Yourself to a Luxurious Staycation

Everyone loves going away on an exotic vacation, but sometimes theres nothing quite like staying home and taking a few days to relax. After all, when you have a luxurious residence, you dont need to stay at a five-star hotel to treat yourself. If youre ready to escape your daily stress without having to pack your suitcase, here are a few tips for the ultimate staycation.

Call the Cleaners
Whether its for a week or a weekend, you want your house to be looking its best when you start your staycation. Have the cleaners come do an extra deep clean so that it practically feels like a hotel. You might even want to take some time to declutter and organize beforehand, because nobody can relax in a messy environment. Youll thank yourself later.

Pamper Yourself
This is the perfect time to pick out a few products to upgrade around the house, like bath salts that you can enjoy while soaking in the tub or fine linens for your bed. A plush, new bathrobe or fluffy set of towels might also be in order.

Make Reservations
The staycation is all about planning ahead and splurging a little bit (and you dont have to feel bad about it because youre already saving money by not booking hotels and plane tickets). Book yourself a day at your favorite spa and get a few treatments, then be sure to make a special dinner reservation. If you want to go to a play or concert, get your tickets ahead of time so that everything is in order.

Stock Up on Your Favorite Foods (and Drinks!)
Of course, youre not going to want to go grocery shopping while youre taking your staycation, so make sure you have the pantry filled with all your favorites. Everyone eats well when they go on vacation, so its perfectly fine to indulge in your favorite sweets.

Family Activities
Plan out a few activities that the whole family will enjoy, like going apple picking or taking a day trip to a nearby attraction. In the evenings, its always fun to spend time cooking together or playing a board game.

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