How to Design a Statement Ceiling

For the hottest new trend in luxury home design, look no further than your ceiling. Interior designers are turning to the fifth wall to transform living spaces and create stunning visual appeal above each room. For those looking to deviate from the traditional white ceiling, here are a few stand-out ways to add a statement ceiling to your home!

Pop of Color
Once you warm up to the idea that color can be introduced to the ceiling, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to add a simple splash from the rooms existing color scheme or go bold with a hand-painted pattern, youll have a surprising design element thats far from the ordinary. Keep in mind that darker colors can make a room feel smaller and cozier, while brighter shades will feel light and airy.

Get Creative With Textures
From exposed wood to custom plaster ceiling treatments, textures can add a whole new layer of depth to every room. Dont be afraid to incorporate unexpected materials, like fabric or tile, for a wholly original look. If you already have coffered ceilings, you can spruce them up with a fresh new color that brings out the detail.

Unique Lighting
Of course, lighting plays a big part in how the ceiling will appear. If youre going for a real showstopper, dramatic chandeliers or pendants will take it to the next level while illuminating the colors and textures even more vividly. Depending on the desired ambiance, lighting can create a soft romantic glow or command attention to the new focal point in your living room.

Dont be deterred by the name”wallpaper can absolutely go on the ceiling! After seeing a surge in popularity, artisans all over the world are making exquisite hand-painted wallpaper that can elevate the fifth wall above your dining table. Tranquil landscapes, traditional patterns and custom-made designs are all in the realm of possibility.

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