4 Home Features That Pet Owners Love

We all want the best for our pets, but theres no denying that they can take a toll on the house. From signs of wear and tear to less than pleasant odors, the last thing you want is your furry friend to scare off a potential buyer. Whether youre getting your home into tip-top shape before putting it on the market or you simply strive to maintain an immaculate living space, here are several home features that every pet owner can benefit from.

Proper Floors and Fabrics
Dogs, in particular, can quickly scuff up your hardwood floors, which is why its best to choose a wood thats particularly durable and resistant to scratches, such as ipe or cumaru. If youre simply going to refinish your existing floors, then choosing a low sheen finish will make scratches less visible. For cats who have a pesky habit of clawing the furniture, performance rugs and fabrics usually hold up well and are worth reupholstering with.

Pet Camera
Does it ever seem like your pet only gets into trouble when youre not home? Perhaps theyre acting out because they miss you or maybe its just a rebellious side that comes out when youre gone. Either way, installing a pet camera with a two-way speaker allows you to keep a watchful eye on your pets at all times and theyll be sure to be on best behavior when they hear your voice.

Pet Washing Station
Having a designated pet washing station in your home can be a lifesaver. Sometimes they run through mud while on a walk and sometimes they just smell like, well, an animal. In any event, you can easily keep them fresh and clean with a well-designed area, usually in the mudroom, that includes a handheld shower spray, tile floors and proper drainage.

Air Purification
Even after theyve been cleaned, however, sometimes that pet odor still lingers in the house. While you may not smell it anymore, potential buyers coming to your home just might. Thats why installing an air purification system that helps to remove the smell, as well as dander, can make a huge difference before putting your home on the market.

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