4 Accent Walls to Make a Room Pop

If youve ever felt like a room in your home needs a little extra energy, an accent wall just might be the perfect solution. By having one wall stand out from the rest of the room, it provides exciting visual appeal that draws the eye and leaves a lasting impression while breaking the monotony. Here are a few exciting ways you can create an accent wall in your home.

Fabric Wall Covering
By introducing a plush fabric, like silk or mohair, to one wall, you can instantly give any room a unique aesthetic while creating a luxurious look. Even a more traditional option, such as a neutral-toned linen wall covering, can provide a distinguished feel without being too flashy. Using a textured surface like fabric can help to warm a room up or add depth, depending on what you hope to achieve.

Exposed Brick
Whether youre in the city or the countryside, an exposed brick wall evokes a sense of character in practically any setting. While it might be more commonly associated with industrial chic- and bohemian-style lofts, theres no reason why you cant mix it up in a traditional residence with a red brick wall. If you feel like that might be too much, another option is to paint the brick white and let it blend in a little bit.

There are tons of great choices for high-end wallpaper that can easily transform a room into an entirely new space. From mesmerizing floral patterns to classic prints, the right wallpaper will bring a room to life while supplementing the existing color scheme. And if you find the perfect one, you might just want to go ahead and cover the entire room with it.

Bold Paint
Of course, the most common way to create an accent wall is simply by painting one wall an exciting color that complements the rest of the room. It doesnt necessarily have to be a vibrant shade of yellow or orange, however. A dark, moody blue, for example, can make an equally powerful design statement that everyone is sure to take note of.

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