4 Things to Love About American Craftsman-Style Homes

There are few architectural movements that can compete with the American Craftsman when it comes to exuding a sense of character and coziness. Having emerged toward the end of the 19th century, this style has been in demand among homeowners for over a hundred years and certainly wont be going away any time soon. As the name would suggest, these homes emphasize quality and craftsmanship, which is why theyre particularly appreciated by those with an eye for detail. Here are several hallmark features that make the American Craftsman style so appealing.

Charming Faades
Often designed with overhanging eaves and large covered porches at the front entrance, a Craftsman home feels inviting before you even step inside. Low-pitched gable roofs and tapered columns give the faade unique curb appeal thats both low-key and classic. Plus, theres just something about a Craftsman-style home that looks especially in its element when surrounded by lots of trees and plantings, which makes them ideal for any landscape design enthusiasts.

Large Fireplaces
At the center of almost every Craftsman home is a fireplace that the family can gather around. Oftentimes, youll even find more than one throughout the house. A prominent red brick fireplace with wood cabinets on either side is a quintessential feature that contributes to the balance between cozy and refined.

Thoughtful Details
Perhaps most importantly are the small details that make a Craftsman home stand out, such as beamed ceilings, built-in bookshelves and wainscoting. While a large living room with a prominent fireplace makes for a grand entertaining space, there also tends to be more intimate sitting areas, like window seats and reading nooks.

Natural Materials
Of course, given the features found throughout the interiors, a Craftsman house generally showcases an extensive use of wood and stone. From the fireplace to the built-ins, natural materials are on full display, creating an ambience thats distinguished and welcoming.

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