3 Ways to Introduce Natural Materials to Your Home

From modern to traditional, theres no denying that natural materials can be incorporated into virtually any design aesthetic. They lend a casual warmth and rich sense of texture and, perhaps most importantly, are often more eco-friendly than other alternatives. If your home isnt already showcasing natural materials, like hardwood floors or a stone fireplace, here are a few ways that you can introduce them when decorating.

Wicker & Rattan Furniture
Interior designers are having an absolute love affair with wicker and rattan right now. These materials have traditionally been more popular for outdoor furniture, however, its become increasingly common to see chairs, couches and even coffee tables made from wicker and rattan inside the home. Theyre durable and bring a relaxed feel while also showcasing an element of timeless craftsmanship.

Natural Fiber Rugs and Window Treatments
If you want a down-to-earth look that still feels refined, natural fibers are a great place to start. In particular, jute rugs are certainly having a moment and are strong enough to stand up to the wear and tear that comes when kids and pets are running around the house. Natural fiber window treatments are another great option that are stylish and sustainable, like bamboo, burlap or grasscloth shades.

Woven Accents
You can use accent pieces to introduce natural materials on a smaller scale, such as using woven baskets for laundry, storage or holding a potted plant. They can even be great as wall dcor if you want to try hanging woven baskets to create a surprise focal point in any room. Nautical rope accents are another great way to add braided texture. Whether its a mirror detailed with rope around the border, light fixtures hanging from rope or a bar cart with rope wrapped around the structure, you can easily create a breezy look that makes a serious design statement.

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