The Best Indoor Trees to Bring Into Your Home

If youre looking to liven up your interiors, decorating with plants is a foolproof way to add energy to your home. Of course, for those who like to do things big, you can take that a step further with an indoor tree thats sure to provide a focal point in any room. Following are a few types of trees that you can grow inside while adding instant appeal to your living space.

Weeping Fig
The weeping fig is an ideal choice for those who are concerned with air quality. After all, it was cited as one of the best air-filtering plants in NASAs Clean Air Study. When grown inside, they typically dont get any taller than six feet and require minimal direct sunlight, although plenty of indirect light is vital to keeping them healthy.

Native throughout the US and Caribbean, yucca is a popular indoor tree thanks to its low-maintenance characteristics and beautiful appearance. This hearty plant can do well with direct or indirect sunlight and requires relatively little water to survive. In fact, the biggest threat to your yucca is over-watering it, so when in doubt just let it be and allow this gorgeous specimen to do its thing.

Banana Palm
Looking to infuse your interiors with a touch of the tropics? The large, glossy leaves of a banana palm are perfect for doing just that, though they are not always the easiest trees to maintain indoors. For starters, youll need to find a suitable spot to put it, as they require at least six hours of direct sunlight each day, as well as regular watering. However, if youre willing to put in the effort, youll be rewarded with a stunning display of nature at its finest.

Olive Tree
If youre looking to complement your living space with something thats both elegant and sophisticated, look no further than an olive tree. Choose somewhere that receives plenty of direct sunlight each day and you can make your home reminiscent of a Tuscan getaway with this iconic plant. However, unless you have truly soaring ceilings, youll probably want to get a dwarf variety in order to fit it in your home.

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