4 Features That Dog Owners Look For in the City

We all love our furry friends, but theres no denying that living with a dog has its challenges. For starters, they can take a toll on the house, which is why pet owners typically prefer homes with proper flooring, performance fabrics and maybe even a grooming station. When youre living in an urban area, however, having a dog becomes even more complicated. If youre looking for a new city home that your pets are sure to love, keep an eye out for these features.

Fenced-In Backyard
Having a fenced-in backyard in the city is something that we can all enjoy, but itll be a dream come true for your pooch. Youll be able to simply open the back door whenever the dog needs to go outside and run around, which is certainly more convenient than having to take the elevator every time they need to do their business.

Dog-Friendly Neighborhood
Ideally, theres a dog park in the area where you can take your pets to run around. If not, a nearby park where you can go on walks and maybe even take them off the leash to throw a ball around is a major benefit for dogs that need plenty of daily exercise. Well-paved sidewalks are another feature that can make a big difference, as well as shops and restaurants with pet-friendly policies.

Nearby Pet Services
It might not be the first thing you think of when looking for a new home, but having all your dog-related needs nearby will make your life much easier. A good vet that you can trust and a groomer who can keep your pets looking and smelling their best are important for the furry member of the family. If you tend to go away a lot, you might even consider checking out nearby options for doggie daycare and dog walkers.

Friendly Building Policies
Of course, if youre moving to an apartment building, youll have to make sure that its pet-friendly. There are tons of different policies and sometimes its just a matter of getting your dog approved by the board at a dog interview. Other times its more complicated and can go so far as requiring referrals from vets, dog walkers and even past neighbors.

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