Set the Stage Each Night With Landscape Lighting

Its no secret that professional landscape design is highly valued by luxury homeowners. After all, everyone can appreciate a property with beautiful grounds, whether manicured or low-key, where they can bask in nature. Landscape architecture is undoubtedly an art form that were all acquainted with, but a particular part of it that you might be less familiar with is landscape lighting. Heres a quick rundown of everything youll need to know.

Identify Your Goals
There are many different styles and techniques used in the world of landscape lighting, so the first step is to understand them and how they can work on your property. Do you want to illuminate a towering tree from below or cast a shadow thats projected on to the side of your home? Maybe you want path lighting that meanders through your garden. While it might seem simple enough, achieving just the right look requires thoughtful planning.

Find Your Best Features
Trees and plants can look entirely different when theyre lit up in the evening. The intricate shape of leaves and the texture of bark, for example, can become more apparent when a light is shining directly at it. This is why its worth taking the time to consider which plants will really show their best at night to create a dramatic effect, and then try to center the design around them.

Consider the Color Temperature
Color temperature plays a unique role in landscape lighting. This is measured in Kelvin and typically ranges from 2,700K, which is considered warm lighting, to a bright white at 4,000K. While you may opt for a warm ambience around your outdoor seating area, you can utilize different temperatures throughout your property in order to accentuate the colors of various plants.

Work With a Professional
Of course, the best way to achieve breathtaking results is to work with a professional landscape designer who understands your vision. By becoming familiar with the process and techniques that are used, youll be better prepared to communicate this and have your backyard transformed into a majestic setting in no time.

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