5 Tips for Designing an Eclectic Space

If you love to mix and match different styles, the eclectic look probably speaks to you. While its a fun way to create a unique environment in your home that reflects your personality, it can also be a challenge to avoid designing a space that feels chaotic. In order to successfully pull it off, here are a few tips to achieve an eclectic setting that maintains a sense of balance.

Look to the Pros
Before you get started, the best way to find inspiration is to do some research. You can easily find past projects from interior designers who are known for mastering the eclectic look, such as Muriel Brandolini and Martyn Lawrence Bullard. This will help identify what really speaks to you and start to form a foundation of your aesthetic.

Pick a Color Scheme
Eclectic rooms tend to have dramatic color schemes, but make sure the scheme is one that you can live with. Try to find a vibrant color combination that harmonizes to serve as the base, and once thats been decided, you can focus on adding more detail that plays off of the palette.

Dramatic Textures
Juxtaposing multiple textures is at the heart of this style and can often be a way of creating contrasts, like a plush, velvet sofa beside a shiny, metallic table. Being bold is a good thing, but its important to keep cohesion between the textures and colors in order to prevent the room from feeling overwhelming.

Introduce Layers
Throw pillows, area rugs and window treatments are the perfect way to accent the look with layers. Rather than creating more visual drama, these items should complement the room and allow the eye to fall on the focal points when someone enters.

Curate the Objects
Filling the room with a careful selection of objects will help to bring it all together. This is where you can get creative with putting antiques on display, arranging paintings in a whimsical manner, or curating a collection of trinkets. Think of it as the final step to creating a unique space that truly reflects your personality and tastes.

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