5 Benefits of Having an Indoor Swimming Pool

While they may not be as common as their outdoor counterpart, indoor swimming pools can be a highly coveted luxury to affluent homebuyers. Whether youre a devoted swimmer or simply appreciate lounging on an inflatable at any time of year, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about this feature. If youre considering purchasing a home with an indoor swimming pool, here are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to.

Year-Round Exercise

It doesnt matter if its the middle of a blizzard or hurricane, you can still get a full body workout and enjoy the fact that your exercise routine will never be interrupted by inclement weather. As swimmers are likely already aware, this is the perfect activity to build strength and cardio abilities with low impact on your body. Who wouldnt want to do that year-round?

Private Wellness

These days, indoor swimming pools are often designed to feel like your own private wellness area. From striking glass walls that feel connected to nature and open up in the summer, to underground retreats that epitomize secluded serenity, an indoor pool is like having an oasis that you can escape to at any time.

Easy Maintenance

Because theyre protected from the elements, indoor pools typically require less maintenance and dont have to be cleaned as often as outdoor pools, which have a tendency of accumulating leaves and twigs.

Winter Pool Parties

When the temperatures get frigid and everyone feels like they could use a tropical vacation, the perfect antidote is inviting friends and family over for an afternoon of swimming and spending time together. Winter pool parties are a great activity that everyone will enjoy deep in the depths of the cold season.

No Winterizing

When the summer ends, outdoor pools need to be drained and closed for the year. Sometimes theyre damaged by weather or prolonged exposure to chemicals. However, with an indoor pool, you need not worry about any of that, meaning you can spend more time relaxing in the deep end and less time winterizing your pool.

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