4 Tips for Creating a Timeless Design Aesthetic

Theres nothing like walking into a home that defies any particular style or period of design. When the right elements come together to truly make a living space feel timeless and luxurious, the result is transcendent. Additionally, for homeowners who may not want to update their interiors every few years as fads come and go, there is much to be said about interior design that endures. If you happen to fall into this category, here are a few rules to help you create a home that feels timeless.

Avoid Trends
Have you ever looked at pictures of your home dcor from just a few short years ago and wondered what you were thinking? Well, it was most likely trendy at the time. Rather than buying into styles that are all the rage right now, its wise to stick with design elements that have held their appeal over time.

Mix and Match
Feel free to create an eclectic mix of items that span a variety of different styles, like pairing contemporary furniture beside an antique painting. Iconic patterns, classic fabrics and natural textures are all in play, but the one common characteristic is that everything should be high quality.

Mostly Neutral Colors
For a timeless look, you certainly dont want to go painting each room in the latest color of the year. Rather, stick with neutral colors ” beige, gray, white, etc. ” that will always be in style. If you feel that a splash of color is in order, darker shades like navy blue, burgundy or olive green will maintain the classic feel.

Conceal Electronics
Hiding technology is a key component. When possible, everything should be wireless so as not to detract from the ambience. If you have a television in your living room, you may want to conceal it in a cabinet or behind a sliding panel. In-wall speakers are a great way to keep them out of sight or you can incorporate them into the design with stylish wood-panel speakers.

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