Where Can tesla Build its Factory NEAR Austin ?

Austin is again a top candidate for Tesla’s new assembly plant, but where would Tesla is likely to build its plant in Austin? This factory is going to be larger than their California plant, which employs 10,000 people. As a realtor, I want to make sure I keep my clients and myself informed of large developments such as this one. This is because this type of development increases the value of the areas around it. It brings other large retail companies to support it by providing services and goods, and this all, increases the demand for residential properties. And as you know, Austin MSA has very low inventory to start with, so as demand increases, prices are expected to appreciate as well. Therefore, knowing where such developments may land allow for an excellent way to start investing in the area early on.

Every industry has its own needs, so their real estate needs also change from industry to industry. So, for Tesla’s assembly line, what needs will they have that will help determine the best location for its plant?

This plant will be assembling the new Tesla’s pickup truck, and though, they haven’t yet announced publicly that Austin’s was selected, what better state for this type of car is there!? We love our trucks in Texas!

Here are some of the needs they will have for such a development:

  • Hundreds of acres
  • Access to rail roads
  • Proximity to airports
  • Easy highway access
  • Affordable housing

Here are some of the candidates and why:

City of Hutto – Dual Rail Site

The City of Hutto offers a Dual Rail Site that is over 1,480 acres. This site provides great access to the site via US 79 and SH 130, and minutes from Interstate 35. There are several airports are nearby including Austin Bergstrom Airport. It is also flat and cheaper than Austin.

City of Taylor – RCR Logistics Park

The RCR Logistics Park is located between Hutto and Taylor. It provides 750 acres of buildable land. It is also currently in the process of building rail road infrastructure, which may provide customization to Tesla. It also provides easy access to IH35, 79, and SH130.

City of San Marcos – Air Rail and Truck Terminal (SMART Terminal)

This development sounds very exciting to me. San Marcos has a large University and easy access to both Austin and San Antonio. The SMART Terminal is about an 800-acre development just south of the San Marcos airport and was approved by the city last March, 2019. The land will be also near rail lines, which are scheduled to be completed next year.

City of Austin – Robinson RaNch

This is a 7,000 acre land to the north and east of Parmer Lane in North Austin. It sits across the street from the Apple Inc. campus (they bought 133 acres of it), and a few miles from Dell Technologies Inc.’s headquarters, Samsung Austin Semiconductor, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Abbott Laboratories, Emerson Process Management and many other major employers. It has access easy access to Mopac and 45. This is a great location, though I find hard find to believe that it will be a top pick for an industrial plant.

City of Austin – MetCenter

This is a smaller parcel of raw land of approximately 60 acres that sits along 183 and Metropolis Drive in Southeast Austin. It provides very easy access to the airport.It also provides easy commute from nearby cities such as Buda, San Marcos, and San Antonio. However, I think this one will also probably fall lower in their list.

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